Country Style Pork Ribs


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Rubbed lightly with some Tasty Licks rib rub and set out to come up to room temp for about 30 minutes while lighting the smoker.   Placed on the Big Green Egg @ 260 with some apple smoke.  Cooked for about 2-1/2 hours indirect, but could have went longer.   I recommend going over the 3 hour mark for the ultimate fall apart country style ribs.  Sauced at the end with Grumpy’s Not So Bold Sauce.  Plated with a side of garlic mashed potatoes and green beans to make an excellent dinner!!!

You can get your rubs and sauces you need from Colorado BBQ Supply.  :)



Mandarin Teriyaki Beef Jerky


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Here at Colorado BBQ Supply we had a hankering to make some jerky…  We purchased some random cuts of steak that were on sale at the grocery store to try some home made jerky.  We used a package of Mandarin Teriyaki Blend from High Mountain Seasonings for the flavor and cure.

First step is to trim all fat and cut all meat into 1/4″ strips.  Next weigh the meat on the scale to figure how much seasoning and cure will be needed.   Sprinkle seasoning and cure blend onto both sides of the strips, place into bowl and mix well with hands to ensure cure has coated all sides of the meat.  Place seasoned meat into a ziploc or vacuum sealed bag to cure for 24 hours in the fridge.

Place onto smoker @ 2oo degrees for 2 hours.  Let cool a few minutes, package and refrigerate for the best tasting jerky!


Christmas Day Prime Rib


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Picked up a Choice 9 pound boneless prime rib from Costco with a nice fat cap left on.   Pulled from the fridge to set at room temp for 2 hours prior to grilling.  Rubbed cut ends of the meat with butter and the fat cap with a nice amount of Plowboys Bovine Bold rub from Colorado BBQ Supply.

Went on the Green Egg @ 325 degrees for about 2 hours until the internal temp was 130 degrees.   Tented with foil and rested for about 30 minutes before slicing.

Egg Ready to go!

Prime Rib just put on the Green Egg

After resting and sliced, ready to serve!

Smoked Cheese


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We made some apple smoked cheese a couple days ago on the Big Green Egg.  We chose to make Sharp Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Colby  The challenge with smoking cheese is keeping the grill cool enough to not melt the cheese and make a mess.  Of course you can get the apple chips from:  Colorado BBQ Supply

One simple method is to use a small amount of charcoal and use the cold weather and cold grill to your advantage.  I use a small cast iron smoker box to hold some charcoal placed in the bottom of the grill.

Next step is to light the charcoal with a Mapp or Propane torch.  Once the charcoal is just lit enough to make smoke, throw a handfull of apple chips onto the lit charcoal.

Inset the indirect setup, I use the platesetter and also the pizza stone for cold thermal mass to soak up any direct heat from the smoldering of the apple chips and charcoal.

Place your cheese on the main grate and smoke for about an hour or so.  Be sure to close down vents enough to prevent the wood chips from actually catching fire.

Once the cheese is pulled from the smoker, it is best to vacuum seal it and let it sit for a week or longer to mellow.  When the cheese is first smoked the smoke flavor remains near and on the surface and is really strong and overpowering.  After mellowing in the vacuum sealed bags the smoke flavor works into the block of cheese and becomes uniform and flavorful.

The finished product before going into the fridge for a week:

Brisket on the Egg


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Utilized an AWESOME rub from Plowboys BBQ called Bovine Bold. You can get the rub and wood from:  Colorado BBQ Supply

I get three quality flats from Costco.

The setup was indirect on the Green Egg, Wicked Good Charcoal, and Hickory – smoked @ 250 for about 14 hours until reached 195 internal.

Sorry about the lack of quality pics.  My camera battery was dead, I had to use my phone, not the best low light camera.


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